Recipe idea: Is there a such thing as Healthy Leftovers?

So, once a week we go visit our in-laws. They love spending time with the grandkids, I love not having to cook. And as any good grandmother should, she sends us off with lots of good leftovers.

But you can’t- and shouldn’t- eat a Sunday dinner every night of the week, so I try to find healthy (or frugal or both) ways to serve it a second time.

Tonight was easy. Leftover ravioli for the kids. Usually I would have helped myself to a hearty portion, but tonight I did this:


Only 4 ravioli, served on a bed of spinach and a few grape tomatoes, sauteed in garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. It will sit in mah belly so much nicer than 2 big bowls of just ravioli.



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