Dinner: Mini Meatloaf

The Plan:

Make a meatloaf, pasta and veggie mix for the kids, buffalo cauliflower for us. But the best time for us to go to the gym is right before dinner. Sooooo convenient, right?

We were all so hungry by the time we get home, we couldn’t wait for an entire meatloaf to bake in the oven (not to mention here in Phoenix, it’s WAY too hot already to be baking anything). So I decided to turn them into hamburger patties and just call them mini meatloaves.

Mini Meatloaves

With veggies and pasta for the kids, buffalo style cauliflower for the parents


1 lb. ground beef

1 slice of bread (this is a great way to use up those heels)

enough milk to soak bread thoroughly

1 egg

1/2 onion, chopped small enough so children won’t notice it

2 handfuls frozen spinach and kale mix, chopped smaller, cuz you know, kids.


Dump all that in a bowl. I usually put the bread in first, then the milk, and let that soak in. I break up the bread along the way so there’s no big chunks of bread anywhere. Put everything else in the bowl and mix well.

Divide the mixture into fourths. Shape 2 of the fourths into patties. I stuffed my patty and the huzz’s with cheese but it didn’t even need it. The other 2 fourths I cut in half again, to make 4 smaller slider sized patties for the kids.

I cooked these in a pan with minimal oil over medium to medium high heat. Because these had other ingredients in them, I wanted to make sure these cooked completely before getting too brown on the outside. I was concerned these would crumble or break, but they did fine.

After they cooked in the pan, I kept them warm in the toaster oven. I squirted on a little ketchup before putting them in there.  For me personally I can’t have meatloaf without that ketchup top.

The Verdict:

Mom: Wow. Freaking delicious. Why have I not made these before.

Dad: Gives me the thumbs up every time we happen to make eye contact during dinner. Cannot speak due to food constantly being in mouth.

Girl: Took one bite and made a face and quickly took a drink of water. I explained to her that getting healthy isn’t just about going to the gym, it’s about eating right too. She said okay and ate the rest of it and smiled. Sometimes I love her.

Boy: The boy did not even try a bite, because it “looked disgusting” or “smelled like fart” or whatever 3-year-old boys say when they are being impossible. Both kids ate their pasta, because what isn’t delicious covered in butter, but they picked out some of the veggies because it is imperative that they must hate one aspect of all meals.


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