Cooking hiatus

So yeah, I haven’t been cooking much lately. Had some issues with my teeth and ended up needing my wisdom teeth removed. I had to consume only liquids for like 2 weeks, and between being in so much pain and then being on painkillers, I don’t remember much, but I’m pretty sure the kids were still being fed.

But then of course when there’s a break in my kitchen experimenting, I always seem to lose my cooking mojo. Last night I was trying to make waffles when my waffle maker decided to, you know, just stop working. Thanks, waffle maker, thanks.


A big, fat, hefty update…

So yea, stuff happened. Oh shoot, wait, there’s laundry. Hang on a minute.

Ok so, where was I at? Oh yes, life. So we had to move out of state, and then once we were moved I had to get everyone adjusted and all that. You know, the usual mom stuff.

Before that, I had found it becoming easier and easier to get the husband (I’m just going to call him “the D” for Diabetic from now on) to eat healthier. Instead of trying to make a whole separate meal for him, I’d make the same thing for everyone, but add carbs for the kids, or add extra veggies for him. It was easier on me, everyone was fed, and I had less and less to blog about.

Fast forward to now. Fast forward to ME being the one with health problems. Nothing serious but just so many ailments and aches and pains or whatever. My last doctor’s appointment was a couple weeks ago, and they weighed me…

And I’m fat. Nobody had to tell me. I realized it for myself. And it’s not about getting skinny, or having a bikini body, or trying to be like the celebrities. It’s about getting healthy and staying healthy. It’s the little things.

Here is a list of a few little reasons why I want to lose weight:

  • I don’t like that it’s practically an hour long process just to stand up from sitting on the floor with my kids.
  • I was never a big fan of being pregnant. Now I have a gut baby.
  • I’m tired of feeling tired. Sluggish. Weighed down, physically and mentally.
  • One flight of stairs should not leave me winded.
  • My ass is so big I knock things over with it.
  • I get all sweaty and shit.

Honestly, I could go on and on but you get the point.

It’s so easy to forget about yourself, especially as a mother. To forget what you like, what you want, what you need. But I have decided that 2016 is the Year of Mom. The year where I put myself first in line, top priority. If nothing else, I can consider it an experiment, and at least I’ll be able to say I tried.

To start things off right, I got a Fitbit for my birthday! I’m tracking my calories in and calories out, keeping a food log, looking at how active or inactive I am all day. I’ve only been using it for less than a week but it’s so helpful to see everything right there in front of me.

So. Now this blog will be about MEEEE losing weight (hopefully). I’ll try to weigh myself every week (maybe. Sometimes that just adds insult to injury.) and daily I’ll add any tidbits that helped me or might help you, if you’d like to join me.



Recipe Fail: Cauliflower Gnocchi

I had scoured Pinterest for a cauliflower-only recipe for gnocchi and couldn’t find any that were only cauliflower, or looked relatively easy, and only using ingredients I already had. So I made my own. I paired this with the meal I call CHamPP, Creamy Ham Pasta and Peas. It’s one of the kids’ favorites, it’s easy for me, everyone is happy. Except now for the diabetic. So I was REALLY hoping for something easy to go with it. I made it one night and he went crazy for it. I tried making it again and it was an Official Disaster. It completely broke down in the water so I served the poor guy basically cauliflower soup. I am determined it to try again, it was so good and easy, but I have a feeling it will take quite a few more attempts. The first time contained:

cauliflower, cooked/steamed in the microwave, cooled, wrapped and wrung in a towel.

an egg, maybe two?

a Tablespoon or so coconut flour. I was really hoping it would help it bind but was afraid if I added more, it would add an undesirable flavor.

a Tablespoon or so of all purpose flour. Yes I know, terrible but necessary.

Parmesan cheese

Garlic powder

The second time I made it:

I did not wring out the cauliflower, and I think that’s where the biggest mistake was. The less water the better, or else I’m thinking I have to add more flour of some kind and I don’t want to add too much.

I didn’t chill the gnocchi before cooking. I’m still not sure this made a difference but I did that the first time and they kept their shape.

Actually, for that matter, do I even need to boil them? Maybe i could just cook them in the sauce? The first time I made it, I simply added some butter and half and half (yea I know) to the pan after browning the gnocchi a touch. If it’s mostly cauliflower, maybe the flour, if I add any at all, would cook enough through the browning and sauce? Hmmmm, I may be on to something.

Definitely worth a do-over!

hi and stuff

Hello and welcome to my blog! Here, I will be tracking, preparing, and critiquing the food I make for my two kids and diabetic husband. Three different types of eaters, one tight budget, one cook in the kitchen…. Yup, this will be a rough road ahead, with lots of Pinterest fails along the way for you to laugh at. Thanks for reading.