Recipe: Zucchini Lasagna

This dish was one of the first things I made the hubs after finding out he was diabetic, and he. freaking. loved. it. And he’d never been a fan of zucchini in the first place (he would claim it tasted “metallic.” *insert eye roll here*) The first time I made this was the best; unfortunately, I didn’t write anything down so now I wing it every time. I guarantee you will not miss the pasta in this. It is so hearty and filling!

This recipe serves 2 hungry adults, or 2 adults and 1 kid, or 2 adults and enough for lunch the next day

Zucchini Lasagna*

You will need all this. Or most of it. Whatever.

You will need all this. Or most of it. Whatever.

*This recipe is still under construction/not perfect, so cook at your own risk! Or just use it as inspiration to experiment for yourself!

2 medium zucchini

2-3 slices cheese, anything light colored and melty, I use havarti because it’s what I have

2 handfuls frozen spinach

1/3 lb ground turkey, or ground beef, or whatever you have. I had no time to thaw the ground turkey so I just used a couple slices turkey lunch meat.

Spaghetti Sauce (watch for sugar content!)

Parmesan cheese

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Maybe 375. Line a 8×8 pan with foil and lightly oil if you want to make your life easier.

Handy dandy slicer thing.

Handy dandy slicer thing.

Peel zucchini, trim off the ends, cut in half. slice maybe 1/4 inch thick, or use a handy dandy slicer thing if you have one. I have one.

Spread a light layer of sauce on the bottom, just enough to act as a glue to keep the zucchini slices in place.

Layer zucchini, then spinach, meat, cheese, then sauce. Repeat. I also flip the next layer of zucchini so they go the other way. I don’t think it makes a difference, to be honest with you.

Top with any extra cheese and extra parmesan.

Bake for 20-30 minutes or so. I just keep checking by how easy a knife comes out of it, if it sticks a bit then the zucchini isn’t cooked all the way through. If you let it sit for a bit after it comes out, some of the excess liquid will get absorbed.

Note: It comes out watery. I’m sure if i blanched the zucchini a bit beforehand, or thawed and drained the spinach before too, it would help, but keep in mind while I’m cooking this I’m making something for the kids, so quite honestly i don’t care.

Edit: I added chopped cauliflower too. Even better if you are browning the meat first, add to that pan so it takes on that deliciousness as well. About a handful of florets or so. Anything left over gets chopped even finer and added to the kids’ sauce.

Family Rating:

Girl: “No.”

Boy: “Mmmm! Good! Pasta?”

Diabetic: “Dude I’m so FULL! Are you sure there’s no pasta in there?”


Recipe: Banana Coconut Pancakes

Mmmm, pancakes. I’ve never been able to make a perfectly fluffy batch of pancakes, so I’ve resorted to making pancake muffins for the kids. They love them and no more flipping for me! So naturally I had to make things harder on myself and create a low carb delicious pancake for the diabetic. Disclaimer: These are a bitch to flip. I find that if I make them smaller, and spray the spatula, it helps in the flipping. And you have to do a wiggling jiggling thing up the side of the pan. But still expect at least one to flop instead of flip.

This will make enough for either one hungry husband or one mom and one kid.

Banana Coconut Pancakes


You will need all this stuff. Coffee is just for sanity.

1 banana

2 eggs

1/2 cap vanilla extract

1 Tablespoon almond flour/meal

1 T shredded coconut

1 T coconut flour (lightly packed, like you would for brown sugar)

nonstick cooking spray or a light oil for the pan

In a medium bowl mash the banana until it’s nice and smooth.

Add eggs, whisk until fully combined.

Add vanilla extract, stir.

Yes, I'm using a hand mixer beater thing instead of a whisk. My whisk was dirty. Don't judge me.

Yes, I’m using a hand mixer beater thing instead of a whisk. My whisk was dirty. Don’t judge me.

Add almond flour, coconut, and coconut flour. Stir until smooth.

*I like to add the shredded coconut to make the coconut flavor more obvious. Coconut flour definitely has a distinct flavor to it. Luckily we love us some coconut, so I add the shredded coconut to make it bolder.

Heat your best non-stick pan to a medium low, maybe lower than you would regular pancakes. Spray generously or oil well.

Pour in your batter, 1/4 cup or less. Don’t crowd the pan, because you’ll need room to flip. The smaller the better.

Cook until, like regular pancakes, the edges start to dry, and bubbles start to pop.

My pan wasn't being nice and these are darker than I would like, but still tasted good.

My pan wasn’t being nice and these are darker than I would like, but still tasted good.

Serve with fresh fruit, agave nectar, whatever you want. We happened to have whippred cream (it was low in sugar!) the first time we tried this and it was faaaaaaantastic.

Family rating:

the girl: “But I don’t like coconut, Mommy.”

the boy: “Mmmm! Good! More?”

the diabetic: “Hon, these are great. If I ordered these in a restaurant I would not be disappointed. These don’t even taste healthy. Those were good babe.”

I don’t think he liked them.

Recipe: Air Biscuits

Yes, you read that correctly. On Pinterest, you can find similar recipes under the names “cloud bread” or “oopsies bread” but my husband decided to call these air biscuits.

These are light and fluffy, if made correctly. I top with sesame seeds for some extra texture and to almost resemble hamburger buns. They are not bready at all, but my husband doesn’t eat food that he cannot immediately shove into his mouth, so these make for fast and good sandwiches.

Air Biscuits

3 eggs, separated

3 Tablespoons cream cheese (I use Neufchatel)

3 generous pinches of cream of tartar

A couple pinches or grinds of salt

-Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

-Greased (I use any nonstick spray) parchment paper works best for this, but if you don’t have parchment paper, just grease the cookie sheet generously. Trust me on this one.

-You will need 2 bowls. In a smaller bowl, add the cream cheese and egg yolks and salt. In the larger bowl, add the egg whites, and cream of tartar.

-I use a hand mixer, you know, those old schooly kinds with the two whisk beater things. Yes I’m going to describe things like that. First, whip the egg white until stiff peaks form. *What does that mean, you ask??? It means you whip and whip and then you turn the mixer off, lift the whisk beater things out of the mixture, and two little mountains appear where you pulled the beaters out. If they kinda fall over, those are called soft peaks and it means you only have a bit more to go. I like to beat until stiff peaks form but before the mixture gets shiny.

-Next, combine the cream cheese and egg yolks and salt together. I just use the same beaters without cleaning them or anything. *You can’t mix this first, then whip the egg whites. Egg whites are tricky lil suckers, and if there is anything else in with them, they will not get all fluffy and nice.

-When cream cheese is smooth and combined, add a spoonful of the egg whites to this mixture and gently fold in. Then add all of this mixture into the egg whites and fold gently. If you stir too much it’ll make the biscuits come out flat and horrible and you will cry.

– Spoon onto the greased parchment paper. I make either hamburger bun size circles, or longer ovals, to sort of make a small sub sandwich size. This should make about 8 buns, or 4 subs, more or less. Make them as fluffy as possible, and do not crowd the cookie sheet. I usually use 2 sheets.

-Sprinkle them with coarse salt and pepper, parmesan cheese, or sesame seeds, or whatever tickles your fancy. Bake for 10-15 minutes, or until golden and yummy looking. Slide the paper off the cookie sheets, or transfer the biscuits to a drying rack. Let cool and keep in the fridge.

*These don’t last too long, they get chewy if they’re old. This recipe can be made into smaller batches too, basically it’s 1 egg to 1 T cream cheese to 1 pinch of cream of tartar.

Family rating:

Girl: won’t even try

Boy: took one bite, said yum, walked away

Diabetic: “when are you making more of those?”

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Hello and welcome to my blog! Here, I will be tracking, preparing, and critiquing the food I make for my two kids and diabetic husband. Three different types of eaters, one tight budget, one cook in the kitchen…. Yup, this will be a rough road ahead, with lots of Pinterest fails along the way for you to laugh at. Thanks for reading.