Parent Side Dish: Buffalo-style Cauliflower florets

The Plan:

The huzz and I are trying to really limit our carbs. We eat some during the day, but I realized I really needed to cut back on them for dinner. I had made these once before and we both liked them, but this time I made them way less complicated and we didn’t seem to mind.

Buffalo style Cauli

2 cups-ish of cleaned, trimmed cauliflower florets of bite-size

2 TB butter (just do it okay)

Several dashes of hot sauce (I use Frank’s for authenticity, but the huzz adds Valentino or Sriracha to his)

Salt, black pepper, garlic powder if you so choose

Melt butter in a med-hot pan. Throw in seasonings, and hot sauce. Beware of the sizzling hotness.

Throw in the florets and toss to mix thoroughly.

I added a splash of water to help cook the florets more and also to help the sauce get into all the nooks and crannies. Cook until heated through and water has evaporated but before the florets get mushy.

The Verdict: (no kids on this one)

Mom: Cooked them the laziest way possible and huzz still loved them. I wish I could get that fried-crispiness on them, but I didn’t care at that point.

Dad: “Excellent dinner, babe. Mmm!”